Affiliate Program Management

The Performance Factory have dedicated account managers to look after your affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate program management is necessary to ensure the continual success of your online campaign. We continually manage your assocaition with the affiliate websites you are being advertisied on, including the recruitment and monitoring of appropriate affiliates to maintain brand protection for your company and ensure you receive maximum exposure.

An exclusive account manager will look after your campaign(s) and will meet regularly to present your report on the status of your campaign and provide any recommendations and feedback to improve the success of your campaigns.

Regular reports include an analysis of your marketing spend resulting in conversions, the number of sales and or/conversions made, traffic being generated from your campaign, the most popular advertorials generating the highest conversions, what websites you are currently advertised on, and other statistical information. Recommendations and suggestions are stated on what can be done to improve the success of your campaign and if the right creatives are being used to convert to success.

We continually work with affiliate networks, affiliate program directories and forums to optimise your campaign and recruit targetted websites to display your advertisements that will ultimately result in more online exposure and increase sales for your business.