Affiliate Banners and Creative

The Performance Factory provides your complete creative requirements needed for your affiliate marketing campaigns. The creative component is extremely important to deliver a successful affiliate marketing campaign. It drives visitors to your product or service. For this reason it is vital to have enticing and smart creative in order to get people to click on your banners. Creatives can come in the form of image and text banners.

When developing affiliate banners these are the important facts to consider:

  • You need to have a call to action this helps click thru rates
  • You need to have an appropriate number banners created in a recognised format
  • You must try and keep the file size low to reduce loading time
  • Creative animated banners delivers a longer message and catches the customers eye to click on your ad and view your produce or service

Once you have been registered with the affiliate networks it is mandatory to have certain sized banners created to launch your campaign to thousands of publishers listed on the networks. Such sized banners include 468×60 banner, 728×90 leaderboard, 160×600 skyscraper, 125×125 and 300×250 tiles, 120×240 side tile and 120×60 newsletter tile. We also develop text banners to be utilised in website content and email campaigns.

Landing pages are also a mandatory requirement for the affiliate networks. Landing pages dramatically influence the conversion rate for your affiliate marketing campaign, as to why it is important to have an optimised landing page to increase the chance of a consumer enquiring about your product or service.

The Performance Factory caters for all of the above as part of our exclusive management services involved when establishing a successfull affiliate marketing campaign.

Check out some examples of top performing affiliate banners below: